15 Weight-Loss Victories That AREN’T the Number on the Scale

If you’ve been working your butt off at the gym and following your diet to the letter, it can be a little discouraging when the scale doesn’t budge. But as you know, the number on the scale is only one way to measure progress—and there are a bunch of victories to celebrate while the scale takes its sweet time. Look out for these just-as-satisfying signs that your body is changing, thanks to all of your hard work.

1. Your skinny-day pants fit like a glove. No jumping, wiggling, or performing crazy acrobatics to get into them required.

2. You don’t get (as) winded climbing the five flights of stairs to your apartment. Okay, there may never come a day when those steep stairs don’t feel like a mountain, but you no longer feel like scaling them is your workout for the day.

3. When it’s time for some midday snackage, you actually crave fruits, veggies, and other healthy snacks. As opposed to just begrudgingly eating them because you know they’re good for you…

4. You have to go down a belt notch. Hello, slimmer hips.

5. Your normal workout no longer leaves you a panting, sweaty mess. Time to level up because you can totally handle a new challenge.

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6. You glance in the mirror before your shower, and—what’s that? Muscle definition? Try not to spend too long striking bodybuilder poses.

7. Your favorite outfit somehow looks even better on you today. You didn’t think it was possible, but your body proved you wrong.

8. You easily whip up healthy and delicious meals like a master chef. We know, we know. It seems like just yesterday that you were ordering takeout every night.

9. You wake up feeling more energized than sluggish. Best weight-loss side effect ever.

10. You trimmed 20 seconds off of your mile time without even trying.Remember when you couldn’t even run a mile at all?

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11. You’ve kicked your bad eating and drinking habits without even realizing it. Diet Coke, who?

12. “Have you lost weight?” Your scale might be stalling, but your friends definitely notice a difference.

13. You have to send a dressing room attendant to grab the next size down. You had no idea your go-to size wouldn’t do anymore.   

14. Standing on your 45-minute subway commute is no problem. Well, except for that guy’s armpit in your face, but hey, at least you’re not exhausted, too.

15. You start noticing what you like about your body in the mirror—instead of what you still want to change about it. Because the best non-scale victory is the self-love that comes with treating your body right.

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